Mary Bowen MaryBowen

Mary Bowen at 86 is the eldest Pilates Elder still teaching. She is an outstanding mentor, as she supports each Pilates teacher’s creativity and self-development at any stage of their Pilates career. Mary has lived Pilates for 57 years. At 29 for six and a half years she studied with Joe and Clara themselves. Lessons for her did not end after Joe’s passing. Consecutively for 7 years each she studied with Bob Seed, Romana Kryzanowska, Kathy Grant, Bruce King and Jean Claude West followed by 20 years with Christine Wright. Mary’s Pilates evolved with each teacher, from an early career in theatre and from 46 years since 1970 as a Jungian psychoanalyst. For 20 years the analyst and the Pilates teacher worked parallel to each other, until 1995, when without intention, they combined forces in teaching Pilates. By 2000 this combination had become Mary’s unique signature offering – Pilates Plus Psyche. Mary mentors in New York City, Killingworth, CT and commonly in Northampton, MA for two full days, 14 hours of 1-1 work on Pilates plus Psyche, working with you on whatever you need wherever you are in your life. She accepts students at all levels, offers workshops and presents at conferences throughout the U.S. and throughout the world. She is a founding member of PMA, presenting each year at the Annual Meeting since its beginning. Mary is currently excited to be joining the New Age of Media by offering “Mentoring with Mary teleconferences,” set up for 1-1 and/or small groups addressing your subjects and questions or hers. She is also finally joining FACEBOOK and Link-In. She hopes to meet many more of you in these ways.


Michael Fritzke & Ton Voogt Michael Fritzke & Ton Voogt

Michael and Ton are internationally recognized Pilates Teachers, presenters, educators, consultants, and innovators, and travel the world sharing their knowledge and experience.

Michael and Ton’s were Teacher of Teachers for Romana Kryzanowska’s original International Pilates Certification Program. As Teacher Trainers and Supervising Instructors at the uptown Pilates Studio in NYC, Michael and Ton worked closely together with Romana and her daughter Sari Mejia Santo, training, guiding and testing hundreds of apprentices through the program. During this time they also started to collaborate with Physical Therapists at Performing Arts Physical Therapy in NYC to integrate the Pilates method into patient-based therapy programs.

In 2003 Michael and Ton resigned from Romana’s organization to pursue their own path. Together they developed and created - the revolutionary TRIADBALL™ the first ball of its size created specifically for the Pilates method, The Pilates TRIADBALL™ Manual published by OPTP and numerous DVDs (commercial and educational).

Michael and Ton also used their knowledge and experience to create and set up several customized independently owned and operated full Pilates certification programs internationally. Michael and Ton are also experts in what is commonly known as the Joseph Pilates’ archival exercises and were two of the first teachers to teach these exercises in Continuing Education workshops in the USA and abroad. Together they served on a task force for Inner IDEA, the advisory board of AFPA, guest faculty Teacher Trainers for Brooke Siler’s re:AB® Pilates Teacher Training Program, consultants for the creation of the National Pilates Program for Equinox (high end gym chain in the USA). They are Distinguished Instructors for Pilates Anytime and their work can be viewed at

In their private practice, they work with numerous A-list celebrities and professional athletes and continue to study; their current course of study is Spiraldynamik in Switzerland.



Sandra Lauffenburger - Keynote Speaker  

Sandra has almost always focused on movement.  Working in the 1970’s as a geologist she researched the dynamic processes that form the earth and its resources. Concurrently she trained in modern dance, jazz and choreography. Leaving geology, she moved into the study of somatic and movement theories including Laban Movement Analysis, Bodymind Centreing, massage therapy and cranialsacral therapy. In the early 1980’s she trained in pilates with Alan Herdman and Gordon Thompson (London) followed by apprenticeships (Houston Ballet and Elizabeth Jones, USA).  In 1985 she was certified as a Laban Movement Analyst.

Returning to Australia in 1992, she established The Ouldeah Centre, Canberra’s first Pilates and Movement Therapy clinic.  To assist her understanding of chronic pain and medically unexplained symptoms (MUS) she studied the bodymind’s dynamic interactions, obtaining degrees in psychology, dance/movement psychotherapy, and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. In the past decade she turned her curiosity to Hatha and Aerial yoga, completing a yoga teacher training with Donna Farhi.  And she joyfully performs with Somebody’s Aunt, a ensemble of 55years+ ex-dancers.

Sandra has published and presented nationally and internationally, speaking on movement analysis, somatics, affect theory, psychotherapy, and rehabilitation. 

Louise Taube 

Louise Taube, is a passionate Pilates practitioner. Louise is based in Melbourne, St Kilda East, Australia and is a recognized leader in her field. This high-energy Australian native received her Bachelor of Dance from Queensland University, and Graduate Diploma in Choreography from Melbourne University. Her thesis was on “Dance: the Recorded Image” studying video production techniques at QUT. Pilates certificates include Stott Reformer, Polestar Studio, APAM member examination with recognition of level 4 status, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Pilates.

Louise has presented Pilates workshops and courses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Cairns. Louise has spent 15 years refining her practice in Pilates. Louise has designed and implemented mat and reformer courses for Melbourne School or Sport and Recreation Management (now Melbourne Sports Aquatic Centre) since 2005. Since this time she has developed a number of her own teacher-training courses and workshops for mat, reformer, studio, anatomy, small props and bigger pieces of equipment and special populations.

Louise has had an extensive professional contemporary dance and choreographic career, representing Australia around the world on several dance tours. She has studied dance film in New York at the New York Film Academy. Louise has received many grants during her dance career from Arts Victoria, and The Australia Council for the Arts and also a scholarship from the Foundation For Young Australians, as well as funding from the Ian Potter foundation. Louise has lectured at National Institute of Dramatic Arts in movement for actors in Sydney and also Melbourne and Deakin University for dance and movement. Louise loves to capture the moving image and has used film techniques and projections throughout her arts and dance career.

Elizabeth Hewett 

Liz trained in classical ballet for 11 years, and completed one year of the fulltime Bachelor of Dance at the Victorian College of the Arts. After spending most of that year either in the physio room being treated for a myriad of injuries or, studying anatomy or kinesiology instead of practising her pirouettes, she decided that her love of dance was better served as a practitioner rather than a performer. Having no idea what sort of job that was, she went to university to find out.

Liz became an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, graduating from RMIT in 1999 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement) with distinction, and, from VUT in 2000 with a Graduate Diploma in Exercise Rehabilitation. She started doing Pilates during these years, and thought it would be easier to get a job as a Pilates teacher than the brand new exercise physiology industry. So she completed the APMA Level 1 course in 2001, and since then, has developed her unique blend of exercise science and physiology, rehabilitation and Pilates. Liz has worked in several Pilates studios around Melbourne over the last 15 years, including Inbalance Pilates, The Intelligent Body and Bella Life. For the last eight years, until early 2016, Liz was fortunate to work at The Australian Ballet School as their Exercise Physiologist and Strength and Conditioning Coordinator. During her time at The Australian Ballet School, Liz developed and implemented a comprehensive, periodised strength and conditioning programme across the eight year training programme. She was an integral member of the multidisciplinary health team, delivering exercise rehabilitation, strength and conditioning sessions, and teaching both studio and mat Pilates classes. In March 2016, Liz joined Absolute Health and Performance, a brand new multidisciplinary centre in the Melbourne CBD as a Performance Coach.

Liz served on the APMA’s Executive Council for nearly 7 years, as Secretary for Council, Chair for the Education Committee, and finally President from 2008-2010. She was also a member of the Course Accreditation Committee, whose major project was writing all the materials for the Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Pilates Movement Therapy. Feeling the need to update her science knowledge, Liz went back to university in 2012 and juggled the tough schedule of work, study, exercise and life to complete a Master in Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning) at the end of 2015. In her new found spare time, Liz can be found either in the gym practicing her weightlifting techniques, running around inner Melbourne in training for another event, doing her daily dose of Pilates, or doing some not very turned out plies at adult ballet classes. 

Kal Fried 

Dr Kal Fried attained Fellowship of the Australian College of Sports Physicians in 1995 and have gained extensive experience in this field both before and after that milestone. I worked for five years in the Victorian snowfields, before joining the Melbourne Football Club (AFL) in the mid 1990's. I was a medical officer there for a total of 15 years with Dr Andrew Daff, as well as another 2 years with the Collingwood
Football Club in the VFL. I was appointed as the AFL Australian International Rules team doctor in 2011 and 2013. I have also supported other elite sporting teams including the Australian Diamonds netball team in 2012. My main current appointment is with the TAC and WorkSafe as a medical advisor on the Clinical Panel and on various projects, and I am also an Independent Medical Examiner. In addition to general sports medicine I have developed a particular interest in the neuroscience of pain, the potential to 'de-sensitise' persistent pain, the biopsychosocial management model and exercise & conditioning prescription. 


Leonie Hearn

Leonie Hearn studied Physiotherapy at Curtin University 1985. She spent 3 years in London where she studied dance at Laban, Middlesex Poly and summer Schools at “The Place” . Whilst in London, she studied Pilates. Upon her return to Australia she completed intensive Pilates DMA training in Perth  and in 1996 completed Perth Feldenkrais Practitioner training. Leonie has 30 years experience working as a physiotherapist with the past 18 years as a Feldenkrais practitioner. Leonie currently has a Feldenkrais practice in Prahran, Melbourne with ranging in age from school age to 93 years. People seek out Feldenkrais for many different reasons, often they have tried many modalities for on-going pain or movement issues .  My clients are often complex, they have often developed many compensatory strategies. These compensatory movements are often “parasitic” ie they interfere with easy movement. Leonie uses a combination of “hands on” and awareness through movement to provide an environment for learning and finding different movement pathways. This process involves bringing into action parts of our skeleton and use that is not currently under our intentional voluntary movement options. Feldenkrais method enables me to assist even the most complex clients.  There is always some way a person’s movement, awareness and self image can be improved.  Leonie’s current interest in Feldenkrais method involves studying Moshe Feldenkrais original transcript and lecture from his trainings that he did in the States in the 1980’s.  She is studying how Feldenkrais method can be used for gaining easier postural support. She also uses the Feldenkrais method to find spinal length and an organisation of stability.

Mauricio Bara & Manual Alcazar 

Mauricio Bara is a local (Brisbane) physiotherapist (and exercise physiologist with a special interest in combining manual techniques with exercise for rehabilitation. Mauricio is highly enthusiastic in combining the Pilates method with runners and is currently working with Triathlon and Ultra Marathon runners. Since Mauricio joined the Body Organics team he has completed numerous courses to further develop his skills. These include Pilates Method for Swimmers as well as Levels 1 and 2 of CoreAlign Method training.Mauricio is also a guest Lecturer at Queensland University of Technology.


Manuel Alcazar is a pilates teacher and exercise instructor whose life has always been linked to sporting activities. His long term interest in sports is the reason why he decided to undertake a degree in Science, Physical Activity and Sport at the UCLM in Spain.While Manuel was studying at University he started to work as an exercise and fitness instructor and personal trainer. After graduating, he discovered the Pilates Method and he qualified as a Certified Practitioner in Pilates Matwork and Studio in 2006. While he was teaching pilates, exercise programmes and rehabilitation in different studios in Europe and Australia he continued expanding his knowledge about body and exercise through other different movement techniques.  In the last few years, and after takes part in several marathons and others long distance events, Manuel has joined his interest in the practice of different sports with pilates and exercise, developing various seminars focused on endurance athletes.Manuel is also the author of a reference website in Spanish about Pilates: 


Rebecca Harding 

Rebecca is owner of Melbourne Scoliosis Phsiotherapy Centre, the first physiotherapy practice in Australia dedicated 100% to the management of significant scoliosis. She has travelled internationally 6 times in the past 6 years to gain and further her trianing in this field, especially in the Schroth method, a soliosis specific exercise method widley utilised across Europe. Rebecca has always had a strong interest in exercise rehabilitation. The year after graduating in Physiotherapy (1996) she became heavily involved in the Pilates world and for the subsequent 15 years used it as her primary rehabilitative tool when working with clients. Rebecca enjoys knowledge sharing and regularly provides in-services and lectues to allied health teams around Australia. She recently became accepted as a member of teh Spine Society of Australia (SSA) and is also a member of the Inernational Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic Rehabilitation & Treatment (SOSORT)

Penny Latey

Penny has been teaching Pilates for over 37 years commencing in London 1979, where she worked with Alan Heardman and Dreas Reyneke.  Since moving to Australia in the late 80’s she has continued to teach as well as train instructors in the Method, culminating in the first University based course for Pilates instructors at UTS 2001. Penny authored “Modern Pilates” (Allen & Unwin) in 2000 and has published 2 articles in the Journal of Body Movement & Therapy. Penny was one of the co-founders of the APMA as well as its inaugural President.  She is involved in research, completing her Masters Science (research) at UTS 2011on Pilates, Upright Posture and the Foot and is currently a PhD candidate at University of Sydney in the Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Research group (AMRG) completing research on measuring and managing intrinsic foot muscles. Penny continues to consult and present internationally on various pathologies, health conditions and advocates supporting Pilates Methodology.


Julia Frankish & Kate McGillivray

Julia Frankish
has been instructing Pilates since 2005 and hold a Level 4 Professional Practitioner qualification with the APMA. Whilst her training is comprehensive, Julia has a specific focus on rehabilitation. Having worked closely with physiotherapists and other practitioners within the industry, as well as having been a dance teacher for 12 years, Julia has an in-depth knowledge of physiology and biomechanics and her teaching and exercise prescription reflects the individual physical and mental needs of my clients.

Julia loves to work with a variety of clients and have a particular interest in easing lower back pain, pelvic instability and lower limb dysfunction, spinal injuries and dance conditioning.  

Julia Frankish is currently co-chair of the APMA Education Committee and the owner and Director of Evolved Pilates, a new and innovative Pilates Studio in Fairfield. We also offer the APMA Level 2 Teacher Training Certificate. Example of recent lectures Julia has presented on to Pilates Instructors, Physiotherapist and other health professionals include Dynamic Hip Stability for the APMA, Springboard repertoire for the APMA and Posture and Alignment for the Southern Federation of Dance Teaching Certificate.  


Kate McGillivray is an APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist and APMA Pilates Practitioner who specializes in biomechanical retraining via Pilates based exercise programs. Following years of classical ballet training at both Melbourne Dance Academy and Victorian College of the Arts, Kate completed tertiary studies in both Exercise and Sport Science (majoring in dance) and subsequently a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, and a Masters of Sports Physiotherapy. Kate has worked extensively at the elite level, as a consultant with the Victorian Institute of Sport, Gymnastics Australia, AFL, and Tennis Australia, treating dancers and elite athletes from these and other sports. Since 2008, A great deal of Kate’s elite sports physiotherapy experience has been with Gymnastics Victoria and Gymnastics Australia, as both the Victorian and Australian team physiotherapist, travelling with the teams interstate and overseas. 

Kate has been a guest lecturer on the topic of deep muscle re-training for the Australia and New Zealand Pain Society, the Australian Physiotherapy Association, Gymnastics Australia, and Gymnastics Victoria.  

Throughout her career, Kate has maintained a special interest in the area of dance injury management, safe dance principles, and the use of Pilates based exercise for both rehabilitative and specific fitness and conditioning purposes. Kate began studying Pilates in 1996 and went on to complete further training through the Australian Pilates Method Association, which has recognized her as a Level 4 Professional Practitioner since 2008.

Daniel Vladeta

After completing a BSc in Anatomy and Physiology, Daniel continued Post Graduate studies in Neuroscience, Molecular Biology and Osteopathy. In private practice, he continued his studies with Myofascial and Cranial Sacral Techniques.

Daniel’s interest was in how compensatory patterns translate to physiological and functional change, and looked at ways treatment and rehabilitative exercise could be used to address these.

In the late 90’s, Daniel began work with a Spinal and Orthopaedic Company, that lead to him working around the world with top surgeons, and the development of Surgical Devices.

His return to Australia lead him to commence development of a device that acted as a bio-feedback or self regulating device, that acted as an unstable base, to be used in both Rehabilitation and Functional Exercise. The Oov was launched.

Daniel now works with leading practitioners collaborating on Rehab and Exercise prescription, and delivers workshops to Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Exercise Physiologists, Pilates instructors and Personal Trainers around the world.

He has worked with elite and professional athletes in all sports, including Tennis, Golf, Rugby, AFL, Swimming and Athletics.

Melissa Turnock

Melissa completed her Graduate Certificate Pilates training at University of Technology Sydney in 2003, completing her training and internship with Larissa Kelloway during that same year.

She has been teaching Pilates since that time, co-owning a studio in North Sydney for 3 years before moving into her own private studio teaching from her home in Sydney. She is a Level 3 professional practitioner member of the APMA and has been an active Executive Committee member on and off over that time.

She completed her Yoga teacher training in 2013 and is a Level One member of Yoga Australia. Her meditation practice has continued for many years and forms a very important part of her self care  and focus on finding balance in life.